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A Clever Way to Melt the Ice

Posted by Raychem Winter Expert on Nov 16, 2017 8:08:04 AM

Ice is one of the most dangerous elements that comes with winter weather. Whether it’s on buildings, plants, the ground or other objects, ice can be a disturbance that has effects on everyday life during the cold months in winter climates. Removing the risk of ice positively impacts safety. One way to melt ice is through self-regulating heat tracing cables.

Self-regulating heat tracing cables are cost and energy-efficient with an intelligent design that constantly monitors the ambient temperature, switching on and off accordingly. For example, when the core contracts, electrical pathways are formed, increasing current flow and creating heat. However, when expanded, these circuits are broken, decreasing heat output. As a result, heat is only emitted when and where it is needed, keeping pipes functional and energy usage down.

Self-regulating heating cables provide a significant portion of their own thermostatic control, however most manufacturers highly recommend  a thermostat as it not only allows for a finer degree of control, but can also offer considerable additional energy savings. In particular, advanced programmable control units that monitor the ambient temperature and accurately regulate the output temperature are the ideal choice for commercial and public buildings, which often have a large amount of cabling and traditionally use more energy than residential applications.

Energy-efficiency and environmental aspects are other key considerations when choosing a heat-tracing solution. With the cold weather comes increased demand for heat and subsequently, higher electricity prices. Consumers are increasingly looking for a more cost-effective and environmentally sound solution to keep their paths and roofs clear of snow. Self-regulating heat tracing cables do just that, providing heat when and where it’s needed. Since the core continuously adjusts its heat output to the surrounding environment, overall energy costs are greatly reduced.

Depending on the type of property, material and purpose of the heated area, there is a wide range of self-regulating heat tracing systems available to suit specific needs. Be one step ahead this winter and install heat-tracing solution before the next cold snap hits and the potential for serious damage arises.

Get help to identify the weak points in your building and to decide which self-regulating heat tracing system is best suited for your building by utilizing our free TraceCalc Pro software to design a pipe freeze protection system.

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