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Why Plumbing Engineers Appreciate Heat Traced Solutions

Posted by Raychem Winter Expert on Mar 28, 2018 8:09:38 AM

The effectiveness of plumbing systems in any building relies on the overlap of design expertise from mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering. Building codes often require that domestic/potable water, fire suppression sprinklers, and grease waste systems must function reliably - in all circumstances - in order to be utilized. 

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Topics: Flow Assurance, Residential Applications, Pipe Insulation, Pipe Freeze Protection, Electric Heat Tracing, Winter Safety, Commercial Applications

Heat Trace Systems that Guarantee Temperature Maintenance on Critical Phenol Transfer Lines

Posted by Raychem Winter Expert on Jan 23, 2018 3:06:31 AM

As humans, we all know how to  prevent our body from overheating or undercooling due to variable weather conditions. When it’s winter and the temperature drops, we know to put on more layers and protective clothing to keep us warm. In autumn or spring, we put on lighter jackets to stay comfortable. In the summer, it’s warm enough outside that we don’t need any extra layers. 

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Topics: Flow Assurance, Long Line Heating, Pipe Insulation, Industrial Applications, Plant Protection, Winter Performance

Elements That Influence Heat Loss

Posted by Raychem Winter Expert on Dec 21, 2017 7:36:28 AM

As most can imagine, the winter brings a dangerous risk to operations and processes for industrial equipment. Sure, the snow, ice and freezing temperatures are large contributors to this problem but what other elements beyond the basic winter conditions influence heat loss?

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Topics: Commercial Applications, Electric Heat Tracing, Industrial Applications, Pipe Freeze Protection, Pipe Insulation, Process Temperature Maintenance, Winter Performance, Flow Assurance

How to Install Heat Tracing Cables on Different Types of Pipework

Posted by Raychem Winter Expert on Dec 7, 2017 10:15:13 AM

Installing anything into irregularly shaped devices is often more than a one-size-fits-all installation. There typically are many factors to consider when doing the installation. This is no different with heat tracing cables. Depending on what type of pipe or other device you are trying to conform to optimal cable usage, a specific layout is typically required to ensure the heat tracing technology works properly. Below are five examples of irregular pipe shapes and how to install self-regulating or power limiting heat tracing cables into each. 

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Topics: Electric Heat Tracing, Heat Tracing Maintenance, Pipe Insulation

Is Insulating Your Pipes Enough to Prevent Them from Freezing?

Posted by Raychem Winter Expert on Oct 26, 2017 10:30:29 AM

The freezing winter weather takes a toll on buildings and the infrastructure within them. Prolonged periods of freezing temperatures cause particular problems to exposed pipework around all types of buildings.

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Topics: Commercial Applications, Winter Preparation, Winter Safety, Pipe Freeze Protection, Pipe Insulation, Electric Heat Tracing

The nVent RAYCHEM Love Winter Blog

Winter is a time to enjoy, not to fear the hardships it sometimes brings. In this blog, our Raychem Winter Experts share knowledge and tips on how to take the stress out of the colder days of the year. We specialize in keeping:

  • processes and operations running smoothly in industrial environments
  • buildings, infrastructure and the people using them safe from harm in commercial and residential environments.

No matter how extreme the weather conditions, Raychem winter solutions offer the best insurance for your processes and property against snow and ice-related emergencies.

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